Carol Bishop



PhD, Union Institute, Art History/Painting

MA, Northern Illinois University, Painting

BA, Northern Illinois University, Painting

Carol Bishop ‘s paintings, photos and installations reflect ideas on architecture and place. Her artworks have been exhibited in the U.S. and abroad. Frank Lloyd Wright: The Romantic Spirit was exhibited in solo shows at the Huntington Museum in San Marino and the Mona Bismarck Museum in Paris. Other artworks have been exhibited in Germany, Italy, France and across the Untied States. Her exhibit, Fantome: Memory and Dream of I.M. Pei marks the first living American woman to have a solo show in the Louvre in Paris. She has received the Sony Corporation Per Cent for Art commission and was chosen as a recipient of the Pomona “Envisioning the Future” photography artist. Her work was included in Turning Silver; the most noted Women Photographers of the past twenty-five years. She was an artist in residence in Herzliya, Israel, as well as Hochschule Neiderrheim in Krefeld, Germany. Balcony Press publishes her book, Frank Lloyd Wright: The Romantic Spirit by Carol Bishop. Ms. Bishop is an assistant professor in Art at LA Valley College and Senior Lecturer at Woodbury University.


Houses are more than buildings; they are vehicles that communicate agendas, ideas, meanings, functions, and aesthetics. My works (photos, paintings, installations, etc.) are informed by the character of structures and the people who build, design, finance, or use them. Tracking back and to the prestent, the images embrace a historical profile within a concpetual framework. I search out the spirit of architects standing behind their creations, talking through the bricks and mortar. My art stands witness to the politics of the communities where the structures sit and how they speak. I seek out the social aspects of the people who have moved through buildings, leaving the traces of their lives and footprints to recognize what is history and what is the future. These visual dialogues influence my ideas. Rather than document forms, I connect to environments, sites, places and buildings to pull out rhythms and ideas in order to find an essential spirit.


2011 – Feb. 12-March 8, Faculty Show, LAVC Gallery, Los Angeles

2010 – Jan. 1 – Feb. 12, Solstice, Lookartists, Los Angeles

2009 – Dec. 10 – January 20, Aesthetics, Group Show, the Perfect Exposure, Los Angeles 

2009 – Nov. 5 – Dec. 30, Dreamscape, Lookartists, Los Angeles

2009 – June 4-24, Solo show, Fabrik, Hochschule Niederrhein, Krefeld, Germany

2009 – Jan. 29-April 3, Aesthetics, Group show, the Perfect Exposure, Los Angeles 

2008 – Oct. 3-20, Design Faculty Group Show, Woodbury University, Burbank

2008 – Feb. 4-10, Group show, Downtown Art Walk

2007/2008 – Oct. 8 Jan 6. Continuum, Hennesey& Ingalls, Santa Monica

2007 – Oct., Selections from FLWright, Villa Palagione, Tuscany, Italy 

2007 -Oct., Romantic Influences: FLWright, Pinacotca, Volterra, Italy

2007 – July, Artist in Residence Award, Herzylia, Israel

2007 – Sept., Brick Altars Installation, Biennale, Herzylia Art Center, Israel

2007 – Dec. 7, 06-Jan 5, Aesthetics 06, Group show, the Perfect Exposure, Los Angeles 

2007 – Dec 17, 06-April 15, Shadows and Light, Hollyhock House, solo show, Barnsdall Park, LA

2006 – Film Production: Death of Salvador Dali (dalimovie,com)

2006 – Architecture of F.L. Wright, Mona Bismark Foundation, Paris

2006 – Winner, City of LA. Juried Installation at LAX – LA Historical Architecture Exhibition.

2006 – Feb 6-16 “Layers” Woodbury University Wedge Gallery, LA 2005 – Aug. 20 – Nov. 15, “The Romantic Spirit of Frank Lloyd Wright, Exhibition of Photographs byCarol Bishop” The Huntington, Scott Gallery , San Marino

2005 – Sept. 29-Dec. 31, “Details of Distinction: Details of Frank Lloyd Wright

and His Progeny.” Hollyhock House, group show, Barnsdall Art Park, LA

2005 – Oct. 1- Jan. 2, “Wright Perspectives” with Susan Horowitz, Hennessy & Ingalls, Santa Monica CA

2005 – Oct. 15- Dec. 31, “Reunion, Group Show”, Old Town Art Gallery, Tustin ,CA

2005 – Nov. 6- Dec 8, “Faculty Collects”, LA Valley College Gallery

2004 – Oct.9-30, “avec nous en France”, Li’l Frogtown Gallery, LA

2005 – June 4-July 15, Architecture, Galerie Sur le Bief, Chablis France

2004 – Feb-June,, “Place”s, POP, solo installation, Santa Monica, LA

2004 – February, Photo LA, Santa Monica

2003 – Nov. 03-Jan, 04, Aesthetics 2003, group show, Perfect Exposure, LA2003 – “Envisioning the Future” Cal Poly Pomona, (Group Exhibit) Pomona, CA 

2003 – “Photo L.A.” Perfect Exposure Gallery, (Group Exhibit) Santa Monica Civic Auditorium, Repb 

2002 – “Aesthetics 2002” Perfect Exposure Gallery, (Group Exhibit) Los Angeles, CA.

2002 – “Structure and Light” Galerie Sur le Bief, (Solo Exhibit) Chablis France 

2002 – “Chablis Project” (Group Exhibit) Chablis France 

2002 – “Mentor/Mentee” LA Community Colleges, (Group Exhibit) Cal State LA 

2001 – “Frank Lloyd Wright: Old and New” Monona Terrace, (Solo Exhibit) Madison, WI 

2001 – “Group Show” Todd Exhibition Center, Idylewild, Ca. 

2001 – “Reveries Pastorales, une americaine a Chablis” Galerie Sur le Bief, (Solo Exhibit) Chablis, France 

2001 – “An Artist Looks At FLW” Celebrity Artist In Residence at Frank Lloyd Wright (Preservation Trust)Home & Studio, (Solo Exhibit) Oak Park, IL. 

2001 – “SOUTH” L.A. River Li«l Frogtown (Frank Romero Studio) Gallery, (Solo Exhibit) LA 

2000 – “Aesthetics” (Group Exhibit) Perfect Exposure, Los Angeles

2000 – “Group Show” Idylwild Gallery, Idylwild, Ca. 

2000 – “Conversations with Frank Lloyd Wright: The Midwest Images” The Robie House Gallery, Robie House, (Solo Exhibit) Chicago, IL. 

2000 – “Craftsman Architecture” California Heritage Gallery, (Group Exhibit) San Francisco, SE. 

1999 – “Ein rechtes Sonntagskind in EinfŠllen” Georg Chrisoph Lichtenberg (Group Exhibit), Dusseldorf and Gottingen, Germany 

1999 – “Les Jardin Particulaire: New Encaustics” Woodbury University Gallery, (Solo Exhibit) Burbank, LA 

1999 – “Architecture in America /FLW” Maison Pierot (Ligny- Le-Chatel) (Solo Exhibit) Chablis, France 

1999 – “Art Faculty Work” LA Valley College (Group Exhibit) Van Nuys, CA 

1999 – “Jardins Particuliers: New Paintings” Woodbury University Gallery, (Solo Exhibit) Burbank, LA 

1998 – “Greene and Greene: Anticipation” Women’s City Club Gallery sponsored by Pasadena Heritage, (Solo Exhibit) Pasadena, CA. 

1998 – “Frank Lloyd Wright: American Arts and Crafts, Art and Design Twenty” (Solo Exhibit) Pasadena, CA.

1998 – “Utopia: Greene and Green and the Craftsman Legacy” Old Town Gallery, (Solo Exhibit) Tustin, CA. 

1997 – “Fantome: Memory and Dream: the Louvre Pyramid of I.M. Pei” Form Zero Gallery, (Solo Exhibit) Santa Monica, CA.

1997 – “River and Light” Roy Adzak British Museum, (Solo Exhibit) Paris, France. 

1997 – “Fantome: Memory and Dream: the Louvre Pyramid of I.M. Pei” Louvre (Carrousel de Louvre), (Solo Exhibit) Paris, France. 

1997 – “Barnsdall 30th Anniversary Exhibit” Barnsdall Art Center, (Group Exhibit) Los Angeles, CA 

1997 – “Uncensored” (Group Exhibit) Southern California Women’s Caucus, Marlbourogh Gallery, Los Angeles, CA.

1997 – “Forms of Abstraction” Deanna Miller Fine Art, (Group Exhibit)Venice, CA. 

1996 – “LA Current, The Female Perspective” UCLA/Armand Hammer Museum, (Group Exhibit) Los Angeles. 

1996 – “Romantic Frank Lloyd Wright:Desert Images” Taliesin West, Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation Gallery, (Solo Exhibit) Scottsdale, AZ. 

1996 – “Faculty Exhibit” Woodbury University Art Gallery, (Group Exhibit) Burbank, CA. 

1996 – “MOCA AUCTION” Invitational” Museum of Contemporary Art, LA Group auction, Los Angeles. 

1996 – “TIME/SPACE” Media City Gallery, (Solo Exhibit) Burbank, CA. 

1996 – “Works on Paper” Deanna Miller Fine Art, (Group Exhibit) Bergamot Station, Santa Monica, CA. 

1995 – “Landscape into Light” Valley College Gallery, (Solo Exhibit) Van Nuys, CA. 

1995 – “Big Artists/Small Paintings” Deanna Miller Fine Art, (Group Exhibit) Bergamot Station, Santa Monica, CA. 1995 – “Romantic Frank Lloyd Wright” (Midwest version) Frank Lloyd Wright Center, Solo Exhibit, Spring Green WI. 

1995 – “Paris Remembered” Woodbury University Studio Gallery, (Group Exhibit) Burbank, CA. 

1995 – “Faculty Exhibit” Woodbury University Art Gallery, (Group Exhibit) Burbank, CA. 

1995 – “Romantic Frank Lloyd Wright” (original version) Hollyhock House Gallery, (Solo Exhibit) Los Angeles, CA. 

1995 – “Angels in L.A.” JAC Gallery, (Barnsdall) (Group Exhibit) Los Angeles, CA. 

1994 – “DADA” Down Town Artists Association, (Group Exhibit) Los Angeles, CA. 

1994 – “Faculty Exhibit” Woodbury University Art Gallery, (Group Exhibit) Burbank, CA. 

1994 – “Next to the River” Woodbury University Studio Gallery, (Solo Exhibit) Burbank, CA. 

1994 – “Lovers in Torment” Woodbury University Studio Gallery, (Solo Exhibit) Burbank, CA.

1994 – “Impulse of Architecture” Woodbury University Studio Gallery, (Solo Exhibit) Burbank, CA. 

1993 – “Paris Nights” Woodbury University Studio Gallery, (Group Exhibit) Burbank, CA. 

1993 – “International Group Exhibit” Atelier Langlet, (Group Exhibit) France

Professional Experience

Professional artist, lecturer and educator:                                                                                                                                                                                     

2010 Travel Historian, Impressionism Along the Seine, France 2010 Panelist: Women in the Arts, LAVC Gallery                                         

2010 Presenation: Woman Painter, LAVC Women in Arts Class                                                                                                             

2009 Finding Place ,Residency, Workshop, Hochschule Neiderheim, Germany

2009 The Crit, Worshop series, VIVA

2009 Beyond Documentation: The Passionate POV, Perfect Exposure Gallery

2009 Encaustic Painting: History and Techniques, Workshop, UCLA

2009 Historian, Under the Hollywood Sign, Directed by Hope anderson

2008 Painting as Surface, Workshop, Surface Society of America

2008 Speaker, Conference on Organic Architecture, Tuscany, Italy

2008 Residency, Herzliya Art Center, Israel

2008 Travel Historian, The Etruscans, Volterra, Italy

2008 Travel Historian, Moderism in Paris

2007 Continuum, Presentation, Hennessy+ Ingalls, S.M.

2006 Workshop, Developing Ideas for Artist, Valley Artists Guild

2006 Home, Workshop,VIVA Gallery2005 FLWright, Preswenation, Hennessy + Ingalls Gallery

2005 Presenation, Midwest Romantic Architecture, Oconomowoc Wis.

2005 FLW and Romantic Architecture, AIA, Pasadena

2005, Lecture, How to Collect Houses, Skylight Books, LA

2005 Wright Presentation, Conference of Light West Design, LA convention Center

2005 The Romantic Spirit of FLWright, Huntington Galleries, San Marino

2005 Romanza and California Architecture, Architecture and Beyond, Los Feliz Library

Other Lectures:

How to Look at Contemporary Art- Burbank Art Center, Burbank CA                                                                                                                           

Looking at Images – Jet Propulsion Lab, Photo Dept. Pasadena CA

Greene and Greene on the West Coast- Pasadena Heritage, Woman’s Bldg.

Romantic Frank Lloyd Wright – Hollyhock House

Romantic Frank Lloyd Wright – Taliesin III, Spring Green, WI

Frank Lloyd Wright, Engaging Spaces, Robie House, Chicago IL

Frank Lloyd Wright, Seduction from the Exterior, FLW Preservation

The West and Frank Lloyd Wright, Taliesin West, Scottsdale, AZ

Collecting FLW, Monona Center, Madison WI

Cannibalism: Appropriation, School of Visual Arts, NY, NY

What to Do When You Have to Do It, School of Visual Arts, NY, NY

ARTQUEST: Student Diversity with Z.Gilbert, Ph.D., School of Visual Arts, NY, NY

Geometry and Prehistoric Cave Markings, Cro-Magnon, Union, France


Southern California Architecture Historians

LAVC Public Art Committee

LAVC Gallery Committee

LAVC Sustainability Committee

Southern Caifornia Art Historians

UCLA Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies

Women In Photography Barnsdall Arts



2003 Envisioning the Future, Cal Poly Pomona 

2002 Chablis: Art Project: Restoring the Synagogue

2002 Graduate Advisor, Holon Design, Holon, Israel 

2001 Celebrity Artist, F.L. W. Home and Studio, Oak Park

2001 Artist, Culver City (Sony Corp.) percent for Art project

2000- 2005 Co Director USC Painting Program, Summer Arts at Idylwild 

1979-2011 Senior Lecturer, Woodbury University, Burbank 

1998-1999 Graduate Advisor, Vermont College of Norwich University 

1998-2001 Assistant Prof., Valley College, Los Angeles 

1998 Graduate Advisor, Union Institute 

1997-1998 Graduate Advisor, Art Center, Pasadena 

1992-1997 Co Director, Summer Abroad Programfor Art and Architecture, Woodbury University 

1993-1997 Art Gallery Director, Woodbury University 

1992-1998 Art Instructor: Special Projects, Cultural Affairs Dept. LA 

1995-2011 Ragan Art Academy (Excellerated H.S. Art Program)Curriculum 

1995-2002 Miller Project: Barnsdall Arts 1995-2011 Cotsen Committee: Barnsdall Arts

1990-2011 Member, SCWC 1990-2011 Member, SCWC

Other Professional Experience

Consultant, David and Howie, Inc.
Program Director, City of LA Arts Outreach Programs

Private Art Consultant 

Educational Consultant: Sony/LA Unified Video Project

Partner, CLP Design 

President, Projectile Visions 

Producer/Writer/Director Film (Documentary)