Elaine Sigwald


Elaine Sigwald formulates and creates her art in series. She is a storyteller, and her work, like a good read leaves you in anticipation of experiencing what she will be creating next.

Along with her tradition of fine art photography, Elaine began creating non traditional large scale photographs in 2008. She calls these works,  Abstract Photographic Constructions. Creative liberties are taken when capturing and selecting the images that comprise the final pieces.  She employs the original photographs as frameworks and  the final photographic creations are achieved by use of algorithms, manipulation, exploration and imagination, along with digitally hand painting the images to enhance the surface characteristics and thereby blurring the perceived creative boundaries between fine art photography and traditional painting.

Elaine Sigwald’s art has been shown in exhibitions at the Museum of the City of New York, Palm Springs Art Museum and in Galleries in New York and California. Collectors of her work reside in various states across the US and in Malaysia and France. In December of 2014, Ms. Sigwald was honored  to have received Best In Show for her piece, “Sojourners Passing Through Time and Space”, which was on display in the ACE 2014 Exhibition, at the Palm Springs Art Museum.



Growing up in New York City, Elaine’s early influences were honed in her teens spending countless days studying the works of the masters at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, MOMA, the Guggenheim, the Whitney and Frick museums.  Inspired by these museum visits, at age thirteen, her first large-scale drawing was an interpretation of WWIII done in permanent magic markers. The mural spanned her entire bedroom wall displaying a life size drawing of a naked Helen of Troy looking out at viewers, with blood dripping from her hands. She was the focal point, surrounded with scenes depicting battles and brutality. Much to her parent’s chagrin, when the family moved, many coats of paint were used to conceal the work.  After this opus, her parents requested that she limit her work to canvas, paper and film.

Creating art, in one form or another photography, video art, or traditional fine art has always been Elaine’s calling. At age fifteen, a watercolor painting she created was hung in an exhibition at the Lever House in Manhattan, New York.  She studied acting for five years at The American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York City and attended the High School of Performing Arts in Manhattan majoring in theater.

In 1972 Elaine was handed one of the first portable black and white video cameras and recorders available to the general public. Instantly she was enthralled by the endless creative possibilities of this new medium and became a part of the New York City avant-garde Video Art scene. During that period she studied and did projects with among others, Shirley Clarke, Wendy Clarke and Bill Etra (co-inventor with Steve Ruff of the video synthesizer, now called a special effects generator). After receiving her BS in Speech and Communications from the State University of New York at New Paltz, her creative journey took a more mainstream path.  From 1984-2010 she was the owner and creative force behind Visionteller, a video production company, which produced documentary and commercial projects. In 2010 she closed the company and with her family moved to southern California.




1981-BS Speech & Communications State University of New York, New Paltz




2015 Orange County Center for Contemporary Arts, Santa Ana Ca, Juried Show

2015  Archangel Gallery Palm Springs Ca, “Palm Springs Invitational” Juried Show

2015  Archangel Gallery  Palm Springs Ca. “Idols” Juried Show

2014  ACE Exhibition Palm Springs Museum, Palm Springs Ca.

2014  River Gallery Rancho Mirage, Ca Four Artists Group Show

2014  University of California Riverside, Palm Desert Ca, “Faces” Juried Show

2014  Archangel Gallery, Palm Springs Ca, One Woman Show, “Hello Norma Jeane”

2014  Produced Photography Book of her work on Marilyn Monroe, titled “Hello

Norma Jeane”.

2013  Group Show Archangel Gallery Juried Show

2013  ACE Exhibition Palm Springs Museum Juried Exhibition

2008  Deffebach Gallery Hudson NY Juried Show

2008  Cannonball Factory Hudson NY Juried Show

2008  Limner Gallery Hudson NY Juried Show

2008  Hudson Opera House Hudson NY Juried Show

2008  Greene County Arts Council Juried Show

2007  Half Moon Gallery Saugerties NY.

1997  Museum of the City of New York, Gallery Exhibition, “New York Gets Married”

Commissioned by the Museum to create a 19 minute video entitled “Down the

Isle in the Big Apple,” that was featured in the exhibition.

1982-1983 Adjunct Professor Video Production, Dutchess County Community College


1981-1982 Adjunct Professor Video Production Ulster County Community College NY

1976- 77 New York University School of Social Work Media Consultant. Produced

videos that were used in the instruction of the graduate students.

1974   New York University Studied with Bill Etra the inventor of Video Synthesizer

(now called a Special Effects Generator). It was in this workshop that the first

video synthesizer was developed and tested.

1974  Women’s Inter Arts Center NYC “What’s on Tonight A Video Sculpture

Performance.” The show was very large and elaborate and a first in the history of

Video Art. I invented  & designed the “Video Teleidescope” one of the

installations in the show. Parts of the show were later exhibited at the Whitney

Museum of American Art NYC.

1972-74 Media Specialist-Department of Community Medicine, Mount Sinai School of

Medicine of The City University of NY. Developed and implemented video

projects for the first bi-directional cable system in the country. This system

allowed real time bi-directional communications between the viewer and the

actual participants on the TV.

1967-1972 Photography. Commissioned work.